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What Differentiates A Leader From A Manager?

There’s a stark difference between leadership and management though many people think it’s roundabout the same thing. What differentiates a leader from a manager? In any organization, leadership and management go together in a purely symbiotic relationship. This is why it is difficult to separate one from another and any attempt to separate them would […]

Do Managers Really Benefit From Leadership Development

Whether an organization achieves success in realizing its business dreams or it has to go through a series of ups and downs; there is one person who is credited for all the positives and negatives, every time.  And, you’ve guessed it right- it’s the manager!

What Type Of A Leader Are You?

As a leader, a lot rests on your shoulder, from solving problems to putting out fires! A leader becomes the ‘go to guy’ for everyone, and naturally so because his experience in everything makes him better. A leader’s biggest job is to provide motivation and direction to people!

Animated Leadership PowerPoint Presentation Templates

PowerPoint presentation templates with the leadership theme are quite suitable for a variety of business related presentation topics. Moreover, such templates can help create striking presentations by not only senior management like managers, directors or CEOs’ but also people down the organizational ladder. This is because such templates often come with images that are motivational, […]

How To Become A Great Leader

Bringing together a great idea and convincing your team to follow that idea into their life is an important step in making a thriving business venture. Whereas getting a new and exclusive idea is rarely tough, however having the ability to implement those ideas in business separates dreamers from the successful entrepreneurs.

What are the Different Leadership Styles

A leader is an individual who has the ability to get others to do what they don’t want to do and persuade them to yield productive results. In today’s competitive business environment, the thrust of any enterprise is leadership and so if any organization to be successful, a leader can take the company altogether to […]