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How To Create Self-Running PowerPoint Slide Shows

Instead of walking your audience through different slides manually, it can be sometimes useful to create a self-running slideshow with textual content. Such slide shows are often found on screens located at the entrance of a company’s branch office, with brand advertisements, mission statements or with pictures of the best employees of a quarter. Furthermore, […]

How To Add Music To Your PowerPoint Presentation

In today’s corporate world, it is becoming important that presentations have a huge impact on the audience’s mind. Using PowerPoint, you can add music to your presentations to give an added attraction to your listeners. This makes the presentation enjoyable for the audience and stops them from sleeping.

Create PDF Presentations With Background Music Using PDFrizator

PDFrizator is a desktop application for creating PDF presentations. This tool comes with many rudimentary and advanced options for PDF manipulation, such as the ability to configure PDF  transition effects, set a page advance time and even background music. PDFrizator not only supports PDF documents but you can also convert various other file types for […]

Adding Sound Effect in PowerPoint 2010

There are several sound effects for slide animations that come prepackaged with PowerPoint 2010. Office PowerPoint 2010 offers a variety of sounds to really talk to your audience, with slide transitions of your presentation. If you have applied a Slide transition effect, you can also pick a sound effect which more suites with the applied […]