For more than a decade, we have been living in the age of superheroes. Be it children’s cartoons, cinema, TV shows or merchandise, superheroes are selling like never before! Hence, it might not be a bad idea to add a flavour of some super strength in your presentations. The Superhero clipart images and animations for PowerPoint listed in this post can help you add some style to your presentations, by incorporating caped superheroes in your slides.



Businessman Superhero Clipart

Running a business is no easy task. Many entrepreneurs require achieving herculean feats to beat the odds to make their venture a success. This superhero clipart shows a businessman with a cape. This is a 3D clipart image which can be great for use in business presentations.

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Businesswoman Superhero Clipart

Superheroes aren’t always men. If you’re a businesswoman or want to emphasize the importance of female entrepreneurs and working women, then this clipart can help you pay homage to all those brilliant women.


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Superhero Silhouette Clipart

This clipart shows a silhouette of a superhero, with a green cape. You can change the color of the cape from the download page to customize the silhouette. Furthermore, you can even get a female version of this clipart from the link below.

Go to Presenter Media – Male Superhero Silhouette Clipart


Go to Presenter Media – Female Superhero Silhouette Clipart


Three Heroes Animation for PowerPoint

This GIF animation shows three heroes looking at the sky. You can change the default red color of the capes and masks of the heroes and download this animation as a GIF image or video file.

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Superhero Lifting Text Animation

You can add your own text and showcase it in the form of a video or GIF animation. Just go to the link given below and customize and download the animation. This animation can be a good way of creating eye-catching slides with the visual aid of animated superhero clipart with your custom message or company name.


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Flying Superhero Animation

This GIF animation shows a flying superhero. This stick figure animation can help you add some humor to your slides, with a witty character. This character comes with a red cape and mask, which can be changed using the ‘Adjust Color’ option on the download page.

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You can download superhero clipart, animations and PowerPoint templates from the Presenter Media link below.