Newspapers might be a dying breed, however, the news is still symbolically represented with newspaper imagery across the internet, in clipart images and text books. If you want high-quality newspaper clipart with the option to add custom text and images to newspaper images, then here is a collection of newspaper clipart for PowerPoint presentations.

Newspaper clipart for PowerPoint presentations


Custom Text Newspaper Clipart

This is a clipart image where sample text can be replaced with custom text. You can make major modifications to the sample image via the developer’s website by adding your own text and images to the newspaper clipart. The below screenshot shows how you can add custom content to this clipart.

Customize clipart with your own text

Once your modifications are complete, you can download the clipart for use in presentations and other projects. You can even specify a custom resolution for downloading the clipart. The available download options include; PNG and JPG.

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Custom text newspaper clipart

Custom Text Newspaper Stack Clipart

This is also a custom text clipart which you can download with your own added images, shapes and text. The clipart shows a stack of newspapers with your added content displayed on the newspaper on top of the stack. And no, internet isn’t free for all New Yorkers, that’s just a headline I made up!

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Newspaper stack clipart


Custom Text Paperboy Newspaper Clipart

A paperboy with newspapers in his hands, calling out on the streets is a sight we barely see nowadays. This clipart brings nostalgic memories to life, with the utility to add custom content to sample newspaper imagery within the clipart.

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Presentation1 - PowerPoint (2)

Coffee & News Clipart

There might be some people left in this world who still start their day with a cup of coffee and the newspaper. This clipart provides a powerful image depicting the old life that many people lived; i.e. starting the day with the newspaper and a cup of coffee. This clipart can be handy for use in a variety of ways, such as for making presentations about news, media, publishing, etc.

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Coffee and newspaper clipart


Stick Figure Reading Newspaper Animated Clipart

This is a GIF animation which depicts a stick figure sitting on a bench, reading a newspaper. You can also choose to download this animated clipart in MOV video format. The customization settings on the download page also allow recoloring the original animation.

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Stick figure reading newspaper

Want more awesome newspaper clipart? Head over to Presenter Media’s newspaper clipart section via the link below.