If you’re feeling the New Year’s blues and want to add some color to your presentations with a bit of holiday cheer and elegance, look no further. The New Year’s Blues 2021 PowerPoint Template comes with a blend of blue and black background designs to lighten up your presentation slides.

New Year Themed Slides Depicting Snowfall

The template starts with an elegant blue background depicting snowfall with 2021 spelled out on the main slide. You can edit the title slide to show your title and related information, such as the name of the presenter or your organization.


New Years Blues 2021 PowerPoint template

The snowfall theme is carried along the various slides in this template. The slide deck has a balance of text and graphics, making it an elegantly designed deck with blue and black backgrounds. The backdrops are much like a snowy night, with golden text representing the new year.

New year template

You can replace images and edit placeholders to show a sequence, infographic or to present important information with visual aids. The sample text and tooltips provide instructions to help edit the slides with ease.


New year infographic

Blue and Black Snowy Backgrounds

With a hint of shiny lights and snowfall, the backgrounds are visually appealing. The animated sequences make the slide deck all the more pleasing. The entire deck can be easily moulded for any type of presentation around the holiday season or new year.

Black new year theme

Clipart for Snowflakes and Numbers

There is snowflakes and number clipart at the end of the template which can be copied to create custom slide designs. The snowflakes come in different colors, whereas the numbers have the same golden outlook as the rest of the template. You can use this clipart to spell out different years using the same graphical consistency of the template.

New year black slide design with numbers clipart

This new year themed template has 8 slides and can be reused for different years by changing 2021 to another year in the sample slides.

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