Presentations related to the economy, real estate and housing market, development projects and a number of other subjects can require some mention of construction. This may include construction aspects of development projects, price of inputs needed to build roads, dams and houses and the like. Below is a list of some awesome construction clipart for PowerPoint presentations. This list also includes isometric clipart, which provides more image depth and therefore is more eye-catching.

Awesome construction clipart for PowerPoint presentations

Construction Worker Clipart

This isometric clipart shows icon bust of a construction worker. The icon represents a construction worker wearing a yellow hard hat and jacket. You can change the default clipart colors from the download page to match your presentation theme or to adjust the colors according to your preferences.


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Construction worker clipart

Handyman Clipart

This handyman clipart symbolically represents the term ‘jack of all trades’. The handyman is shown carrying various tools. You can use this clipart to represent construction, multi-tasking, hard work, etc.

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Handyman clipart

Bricks Falling Over Helmet Clipart

Accidents, as unfortunate as they maybe are a part of the construction industry, as much as they are in any other. This accident themed clipart depicts a hard hat sustaining the impact of falling bricks.

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Bricks falling over helmet clipart


Construction Team Clipart

A team of construction workers with the leader singled out with a blue hard hat. This is the concept of this construction clipart which shows a construction team with a distinct leader.

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Construction team clipart

Construction Worker Building Brick Wall Clipart

Walls and construction go hand in hand. This construction clipart shows a stick figure building a wall. This clipart can be quite useful for a plethora of presentation topics tied to construction, real-estate, the housing industry, worker rights, etc.

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Construction worker building brick wall clipart


Back Hoe Clipart

This isometric clipart gives a 3D image of a back hoe. The clipart gives more depth than conventional images due to its isometric nature and can be recolored from the product page. Needless to say, a back hoe image can be quite ideal for construction themed presentation topics.

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Back hoe clipart

Construction Man Hammer Down Clipart

This is a real image of a man dressed as a construction worker with a hammer in his hand. You can use this image in a number of ways in your presentation slides, such as by adding a caption to suit your requirements.

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Construction man hammer down clipart

You can also download a number of similar construction clipart images via the Presenter Media website.