Stormy water illustrations can be used for covering presentation topics ranging from sea navigation and weather patterns to topics tied to business, competitors, financial markets, etc. If you would like to use stormy waters as a metaphorical theme in your presentation, then you might find the Animated Stormy Waters PowerPoint Template to be perfect for making an attention grabbing presentation.

Stormy Water Video Animation

The introductory slide comes with an animation of stormy waters. This slide is customizable and you can add your own logo and text to make it an introductory slide. Other PowerPoint slides in the template also contain this animation, which is played out at the corner of various slides.


Stormy waters animated template for PowerPoint

Create Any Type of Slide Layouts Using Animated Sample Slides

The flexible sample slides come with animated, customizable layouts. You can easily adjust these layouts according to need to create any type of layout that matches your requirements. For example, the sample slide shown below can be used for making bulleted lists, with the stormy waters animation running on the left side of the slide.

You can also adjust this layout to convert it into say, a text-heavy slide or even a picture slide.

Stormy waters PowerPoint presentation template


Similarly, you can use the below slide to create a SmartArt Diagram, as well as edit the existing layout to add additional content with your diagram.

SmartArt with storm animation

The template also contains chart layouts where you can present important data in the form of PowerPoint Charts. It is advised to preview your content in Slide Show mode to see how your added content appears alongside the pre-rendered animations in this template.

Storm animation in chart slide


Storm Theme Clipart

The template also offers storm themed clipart images which can be quite helpful in moulding your presentation using attractive imagery. These clipart images can be resized and recolored right from within PowerPoint.

Storm and sea clipart

Like most Presenter Media presentation templates, this template is available for not only PowerPoint but also Keynote.

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