SMART is a criterion used for setting objectives that are specific, can be measured, are relevant and time bound. SMART objectives are used for employee and project management, and even for personal development. Animated SMART Objectives PowerPoint Template is meant for making presentations about SMART objectives.

animated smart objectives powerpoint template

Create Slides to Discuss SMART Objectives

The title slide has SMART written in the title, whereas the following slides provide around 2 slides per objective. These slides have layouts suitable for not only making conventional text-based slides but also to create your own diagrams and infographics. There is also a slide with sample icons for use across your presentation.


smart goals

SMART Objective Slides

The template assigns one color to each of the SMART objectives and provide slides which can be used for making relevant slide content ranging from timelines to infographics. You can also move slide elements and make space for adding your own charts and tables. Furthermore, you can also edit the sample infographics to create slides that can better explain complex concepts with visual aid.

smart objectives slides design

Animated SMART Objective Layouts

What makes this animated slide deck quite handy is the fact that it uses unconventional slide layouts which are easy to edit and can be easily customized. You can edit slide elements or move them as you need to. You can also insert your own images and clipart to add a touch of your own design sense into the presentation template.


time bound objectives

The slides have animations set in order, visible in Slide Show mode. You can add content to these sample slides and view your changes in Slide Show mode to make sure you are able to make further adjustments as per need. In other words, you can add some final touches once you have reviewed your animated deck.

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