The Road Information Toolkit by Presenter Media is a highly customizable road design template which can be used for making any topic that resonates with roads, traffic, driving, etc. You can also use this animated road PowerPoint template for making presentations with diagrams depicting timelines, roadmaps or to use traffic in a symbolic manner to cover topics like bandwidth, network traffic, network routing and the like.

Animated Road Slide Designs

The animated slides in this template present a road centered idea for each sample slide. There are also helpful tip boxes with ideas to help you customize the template. These boxes are of course, removable.


Animated road PowerPoint template

Create Custom Road Diagrams

You can create road related diagrams by editing the sample animated slides. The below image shows a sample slide which provides the utility to create any kind of road and arrow themed diagram to present a topic.

Arrow roads

Rearrange Slide Objects

Similarly, you can represent crossroads, a difficult decision, choices to be made for a business venture and a range of other ideas using this generic 4 point crossroads slide design. It is worth pointing out that the slide objects in this template can be rearranged via drag and drop and you can also change colors of slide elements using PowerPoint formatting options.


Crossroads PowerPoint template

Add Text to Create Diagrams

While the template is quite flexible, you can also save a lot of time by simply adding text to sample diagrams to create slides and PowerPoint diagrams.

5 steps arrow diagram with road design

Exclusive Road Clipart

The template also features exclusive road related clipart images, ranging from vehicles to, sign boards, markers and images like a traffic signal. This clipart can be copied from the two clipart slides within the template and also from other sample slides.

Other than PowerPoint (both PC and Mac versions), this animated road template is also available for Keynote.

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Road signs clipart