Projects can be hard to explain in the form of PowerPoint presentations. However, you can use readymade templates with informative diagrams to make your job easy. The Animated PowerPoint Template for Project Management gives you all that you would need for making such a presentation.

The title slide is rather minimalist, with space for introducing the topic. This can be a good way to start your presentation without distracting the audience from the core objective, i.e. to explain your project related details.

Introduce the Project Team

The second slide can be used to describe the project team or the composition of your organization. While the default layout give space for adding the top management, project board, and the rest of the team; you can also add other details such as a steering committee, financial management mechanism, other stakeholders, etc.

Introduce the Project Team

Customize Sample Diagrams

Using the sample diagrams in the template, you can easily explain various concepts, timelines, and project details. These are generic diagrams with sample text which can be replaced in PowerPoint. You can also use drag and drop to customize the look of the diagrams by moving slide elements around.


Customize Project Management Diagrams

You can also discuss methodologies, business concepts, the type of technology used in the project, partner organizations and other relevant details to unpack the project using the given editable slides. Presenting information in a diagrammatic form can help you easily explain details instead of relying on mere text, which can be quite dull. The template also provides a sample Gantt chart slide, followed by a slide to discuss the time, cost and scope of the project.

Project Management Gantt Chart

Project Management Icons

Using the icons given in the template, you can get creative to explain your project using universal symbols. The icons represent various types of symbols which are widely attributed to a number of topics. You can use text to further highlight the icons’ relevance.

Project Management Icons

This premium presentation template for project management is available from PresenterMedia.

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