According to a study published by Harvard Business Review, 75% of Millennials and Gen Zers left their job in the United States due to mental health issues. Various studies related to the topic in recent years have shown an alarming number of millennials suffering from mental health issues and it seems Gen Zers (the next generation) is not far behind. The Animated Mental Health PowerPoint Template provides a slide deck which can be used for addressing and discussing mental health and means for people to move on towards a healthier, happier life.

Mental Health Related Slide Designs

The original title of the slide deck is “A safe place for you”. This PowerPoint template contains a few gloomy backgrounds, followed by designs which invoke hope. The opening slide depicts a man sitting depressed and lonely on a couch in the dark. This can be the perfect slide to start your discussion on mental health issues and to take the discussion forward.

The template comes with instructions which can help you edit the animated layouts. You can add your own text and images, as well as drag and drop items within slides to create your own layouts.

Slides that Invoke Hope

The slides that follow the title slide provide feelings of hope. These slides show people being cared for, comforted and moving on towards a happy life. These images are abstract and symbolic; however, you can add relevant text to the sample slides to further clarify the context that you are trying to create for your audience.

The heart warming images within the sample slides can serve as the perfect background for you to create a sense of hope for an audience.

You can for example, use this template for sessions within a community support group or with patients if you’re a psychologist.

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