Explaining complex computer networking, cloud computing and augmented reality concepts to people who aren’t tech savvy can be a daunting task. In such a case you might want to make things easier to understand by stripping down concepts to a bare minimum for ease of explanation. For example, you might want to create a pitch deck for potential investors but don’t want to make your technology driven initiative look too complicated to understand. In such a case all you need is a good PowerPoint template with some familiar symbols and helpful illustrations; such as the Animated Digital Connections PowerPoint Template.

Digital Connections PowerPoint Template

Create Technology Related Presentations with Readymade Illustrations

What’s best about this technology themed template is that it gives neatly crafted illustrations that can help you explain complex concepts like cloud computing, networking, social media, Bluetooth technology, etc. You can add text to these illustrations to create a basic version of the concept you intend to explore in your presentation.


Create Technology Related Presentations

The given illustrations can help you explain new technologies, depict data transfer and data security, as well as ensure that your audience is able to grasp all that with the visual aid of familiar and easy to understand symbols.

Bluetooth Technology

Create Infographics on Digital Technology

This presentation template also provides the opportunity for creating infographics on digital technology. You can easily edit individual objects in the sample slides to create your own custom infographics. Not only can you do so by adding text to the placeholders but also by adding your own images, changing the colors of slide objects and resizing content within slides.


Digital Technology Infographics

Similarly, you can add charts, create picture slides and make adjustments by editing slide elements via drag and drop to fashion your slides. You might want to check out the instructions given at the end of the template in the form of slides with helpful slide editing instructions.

Technology Timeline

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