A dashboard layout is meant to accommodate various types of information by making the most out of available space. Dashboards layouts are used in desktop and web applications to show metrics and have also made their way to PowerPoint templates with templates like the Animated Dashboard PowerPoint Template.

Dashboard Slides for PowerPoint

This animated dashboard PowerPoint template contains 11 content slides, one clipart slide and a few more with instructions regarding how to customize sample slides. You can edit and customize slide colors and layouts to meet your presentation requirements.

animated dashboard powerpoint template

Create Project Timelines, Reports and Present Your Analysis

With the sample slides you can create project timelines, monthly, quarterly and annual reports, as well as present your analysis and forecasts.


dashboard project timeline

Easy Data Comparison with Dashboard Layouts

Using the editable dashboard slides you can insert important information to show your analysis, forecasts and timelines using small spaces. You can also easily reveal more information using fewer slides and compare data with ease.

dashboard layout

This PowerPoint template comes with a range of interesting charts, tables, timeline layouts, Harvey ball like metrics and PowerPoint shapes. Using this template, you can design professional presentation slides with editable slide objects. If you need to frequently present such reports, you can also reuse this template anytime by simply filling in required information each time.


team dashboard

Dashboard slides are nothing new and many PowerPoint template providers have been providing at least some variants of them in their collections. A dashboard design can be sometimes necessary to present data and trends in a manner that it becomes easy to grasp for the audience. With the help of this dashboard template, you can make the most out of data and trends to, present your slides with the most vital information, within the shortest time span.

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