If you want a PowerPoint template with an intricate design and animations that are elaborate enough to give that wow factor for your presentations, then you might be interested in the Animated Circuit PowerPoint Template.

Attention Grabbing Animations

There is a circuit animation which depicts current flowing through a circuit board, with space for adding title and supporting text to start a presentation. This can be quite an attention-grabbing slide for you to start off your presentation. You can also insert an audio of electric current to add an additional wow factor for your opening slide.


Animated circuit PowerPoint template

The next slide in this template gives a similar background for a circuit board with space for adding text. You can add images and elaborate upon your topic with detailed text to customize this slide.

Technology slides with circuit animation

Mind Blowing Layouts

Some of the animated layouts in this template can be mind-blowing for the viewer due to the mix of animations with over the top imagery. This can be a good way to grab the attention of your audience to present your point of view and key messages in style.


Mind blowing slide design

The sample imagery is easily replaceable, and there are also instructions for it in the template. You can even consider retaining a few sample images to see if you can give your slides a narrative with them. The sample slides are expertly crafted, with scope for both customization and the ability to use the images and layouts in their original form by the presenter.

Circuit infographic layout

You can even design infographics or create lists, comparisons, insert charts and SmartArt, etc. There is ample scope for customization in this template and the user can make use of the futuristic background to discuss anything from presentations about technology to a pitch deck with a unique tech-based investment initiative.

Tech wire presentation template

The idea behind this template seems to be to create something using novel slide designs to make the presenters point of view obvious and visually delightful.

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