Instead of configuring permissions for individual users, you can use Office 365 Groups for online collaboration and file sharing. In this post we will provide you with a complete guide about how to use Office 365 Groups and what features do you get with them.

What are Office 365 Groups?

Office 365 Groups allow picking a group of people to collaborate and share content with. Making a group makes it easy for end users to assign the same set of permissions to a number of people rather than doing so individually. For example, you can create an Office 365 Group for coworkers to share office files with them. You can assign read/write permissions for all documents shared with that group and begin collaborating with multiple users in a click.


Office 365 Introductory Video

You can get an overview of Office 365 Groups from the video given below.

Office 365 Groups for Outlook

For those of you who want to use shared inboxes for collaborating online, you can create an Outlook group. Shared inboxes provide the following features:

  • Shared Inbox: This is a unified inbox tied to an email address and can also be configured to accept messages from people other than group members.
  • Planner: This can be used for assigning tasks, managing projects and keeping an eye on tasks between group members.
  • Shared Calendar: This can be very helpful for keeping an entire team to schedule and manage events.
  • SharePoint Document Library: This library is used for storing and sharing files from the group.
  • Shared OneNote Notebook: This is a shared OneNote Notebook for group members for sharing their notes, ideas, research, etc.
  • SharePoint Team Site: this is a centralized repository containing group content.

Shared inboxes, hence, provide a single place for collaborating, sharing and managing group content. This makes them ideal for project management, online collaboration, and project planning.


Interactive Office 365 Guide

To get a walkthrough of how to use Office 365 Groups, check out the interactive Microsoft guide below. Just click the below guide to get started and follow the simple on-screen instructions to learn all about how to use Office 365 Groups. You don’t need an Office 365 account to use this guide.

How to Use Office 365 Groups (Interactive Guide)

How to Administer Office 365 Groups (Interactive Guide)

Apart from the above mentioned features, Office 365 groups also have a number of other utilities tied to them. This includes integration with the social networking platform Yammer. Furthermore, users with Exchange Online Administrator permissions can also administer groups right from PowerShell and Office 365 Admin center.