Controversial topics make many people run away from those serious discussions but if handled correctly these can be a gold mine of conversation for all. This is because such topics not only catch the interest of the audience but also make them familiar with the present situations of the world.

Usually people avoid discussing such topics because such discussions generally end up in contradictions.  But structuring your essay in the right way can give an edge to your argument.  Introducing the topic effectively, throwing light on both sides of the issue, along with expressing your opinions, will facilitate healthy essay content. In this way you can generate interest of the people in things that they don’t talk about or avoid.

Controversial Essay Topics Of 2013

So, when it’s about writing on something controversial, these below discussed top 7 controversial essay topics of 2013 are worth considering and will definitely attract the masses towards your thoughts and ideas. Cast a glance on each of them to pick the most suitable one. These topics will surely leave the people with some opinion, perspective or just a sour taste in their mouths. This coveted list of hot topics has the power to arouse those mixed feelings, which will result in a healthy debate.

  • Abortion: This simple word has gained lot of momentum this year and has become the word of every mouth.  This notion of abortion has given rise to many cold wars which have often taken the form of violent reactions. This is that hot topic which needs a serious discussion.
  • Experiments and Tests on Animals:  Discussion on this topic often results in heated debates and ignition of raw feelings. The questions like shouldn’t they be treated as humans or should we continue using their skin and hair, needs to be discussed seriously if you are in search of some good solution.
  • Capital Punishment: Topics like these have always gained an instant public attention. With an increased crime rate throughout the world it has become essential to hold a healthy discussion on this topic for bringing out the right solutions.
  • Genetic Cloning: Cloning has always remained the favorite subject of many scientists and researchers.  Initiating a huge debate over whether man is trying to compete with god by interfering with laws of Mother Nature or is simply trying to become one is worth discussing.
  • Human Trafficking: Being one of the hot controversial topics of the year 2013, preparing an essay on it bring out many disturbing aspects of this so called civilized world. Writing on it has to be done very cautiously with definite proof and case studies.
  • Plastic Surgery: With rising deaths and negative impacts of plastic surgery, it has become the most controversial topic for writing an essay. Why surgeons are making money on the insecurities of people and reason behind people getting addicted to it, needs a thorough discussion.
  • Euthanasia: This right to die has gained lot of controversy in recent years and has remained the hot topic of the debate among religious leaders, government and people. Masses and leaders have lot to say on such topics and hence, one must take the initiate to discuss them.

Hence, these were those topics which created controversies. Choosing any one of them for preparing an essay will surely get you huge success and attention of your readers.