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Appafolio: Create Interactive Presentations Using Android or iOS

Appafolio is a web service and a cross platform mobile app for Android and iOS devices for creating interactive presentations, portfolios, brochures and catalogs. Moreover, Appafolio also has a separate version for Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets. One of the biggest benefits of using this app is that you can easily creating professionally looking content without […]

Syncbox: Sync Files Between Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, iOS And Android

Looking for an easy way to transfer your PowerPoint presentations, photos, videos and spreadsheets across various desktop and mobile devices? Try Syncbox. It is a SugarSync and Dropbox like cloud storage solution with the added advantage that it makes it possible for users to create their very own private cloud. In a previous post we […]

Younity: Remotely Access Files From PC or Mac Using An iOS Device

Have you ever been at an important event where you forgot to bring along an important file? While forgetting physical documents can place you in an impossible situation, the same is not necessarily true for virtual files. Younity is a cross-platform application which allows remotely accessing and downloading files from a PC or Mac computer […]

ElectricSlide: Present Your PowerPoint Presentations via iPhone or iPad

While there various presentation platforms like Keynote and Prezi, many people still prefer using Microsoft PowerPoint. This often creates a dilemma for Apple users who are unable to find suitable ways to present their PowerPoint presentations via devices like iPhone and iPad. ElectricSlide is a free iOS app which allows presenting your PowerPoint slides right […]

Imo.im: Single Login For All Your IM Accounts With Video Chat Support

Tired of logging into multiple instant messengers every time you use your device? Are there too many messenger apps on your PC , Mac or mobile device? Switch to imo.im. This web service provides a centralized mechanism for logging into all famous instant messengers including Facebook, Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, AIM, Jabber and […]

Zello Turns Your PC, Phone or Tablet into a Group Chat Walkie Talkie

Zello Walkie Talkie is a unique app which can turn your PC, smartphone or tablet into a group chat walkie talkie! This app is available for Windows, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices. With Zello Walkie Talkie you can instantly start your public or private channel or join other existing channels. This push to talk app […]

iSpeech Translator: Type or Speak Words To Translate Them in Other Languages

iSpeech Translator is a free mobile translator app for Android, iOS and BlackBerry devices which enables translating words or entire phrases into multiple languages. With this mobile app you can not only instantly translate text from your SMS or emails but also speak or type words to get instant translations.

SlideShark: View And Share PowerPoint Presentations On iPhone And iPad

SlideShark is a free iOS app which lets users view and share PowerPoint presentations using iPhone and iPad. While one can use web services like Google Drive to share and view presentations, the output is less than desirable. This is where SlideShark fills the void where a web service or simple presentation app might not […]

VoiceThread: Create And Share Presentations Online With Voice Over

VoiceThread is a web service which makes it possible to create and share presentations with a voice over. It is compatible with a wide range of devices as anyone with a browser can access the presentation via a shared URL. Moreover, VoiceThread also has apps for iOS devices, a Chrome extension and the content created […]