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Plantilla PowerPoint de Pizarra Negra

Plantilla PowerPoint de Pizarra es un diseño de PowerPoint ideal para ser utilizado en presentaciones educativas usando PowerPoint. Se trata de un tema de Microsoft PowerPoint con diseño de pizarrón o pizarra de color negro donde se utiliza tiza. El diseño de pizarra corresponde a las típicas pizarras utilizadas en las escuelas tiempo atrás, aunque […]

Business Idea PowerPoint Template

Business Idea PowerPoint Template is a clean and fresh PowerPoint template for entrepreneurs and startups needing a free template for Microsoft PowerPoint and Keynote. This free business idea PowerPoint PPT theme can be used for brainstorming and elevator pitch presentations. You can download free business PowerPoint template for ideas and creative thinking. Free business idea […]

Plantilla PowerPoint de Negocios Globales

Plantilla PowerPoint de Negocios Globales es un modelo de diapositivas PowerPoint gratis para empresas y negocios globales. El diseño de PowerPoint de negocios puede ser utilizado para presentaciones sobre transacciones financieras así como también para empresas haciendo negocios en todo el mundo. Además, se puede descargar gratis para utilizarse en presentaciones que tengan que ver con […]

Word Cloud in PowerPoint Presentation Background

Using a word cloud in PowerPoint is a great way to expose some topics or ideas in a single PowerPoint presentation slide to caught the attention of your audience easily. Instead of providing paragraphs full of text you can generate a word cloud image for PowerPoint with your paragraph and then just place the important […]

Backgrounds for PowerPoint presentations

At SlideHunter we daily publish new backgrounds for PowerPoint presentations that you can download for free and insert in your presentation files. Our free backgrounds for PowerPoint can be easily customized so you can adapt it for your presentation needs. For example, if you need to create a PowerPoint presentation on business topics then you […]

How to use our PowerPoint backgrounds

Our PowerPoint backgrounds are free and after you download the background images for PowerPoint you can easily insert it in Microsoft PowerPoint. This guide will show you how to download and use our PowerPoint images as a presentation background.

Free PowerPoint Backgrounds

Welcome to free PowerPoint backgrounds at Slide Hunter. We publish PowerPoint backgrounds that you can download for free to decorate your presentations. Using free PowerPoint backgrounds you can easily access a wide range of options for PowerPoint backgrounds to be used in your Power Point presentations or Keynotes.

Learn how to record your PowerPoint presentations with Camtasia

Camtasia is a great application that enables you to create screencasts and also record your PowerPoint presentations and save a video as output. By integrating Camtasia in PowerPoint you can record your presentations with this software and then upload PowerPoint presentation videos to Youtube or share on the Internet. Also you can publish your own […]

PowerPoint presentation templates

In today’s digital age where presentation is expected during any physical meeting or online meeting, presentation templates can play an important role to save your precious time and letting you focus on the presentation content.

How to animate individual shapes in your SmartArt diagram

Smart Art are really helpful to create nice diagrams in PowerPoint and other shapes. Applying animations to Smart Art diagrams is possible but by default the whole diagram will have the same animation. However, there is a small trick that helps you animating each individual shape in the diagram so you can apply different animations […]

Creating Diagrams for PowerPoint using SmartArt

Smart Art Graphics are a powerful tool that you can use in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or PowerPoint 2010 to create impressive diagrams for your presentations. Instead of downloading raw images with diagrams that you need to edit with Photoshop or any other software, you can start using SmartArt to create your diagrams in PowerPoint presentations. […]

How to Add Transparency to an Image in a PowerPoint slide

Transparency effect in PowerPoint presentations can be really useful for any presenter who need to make a transparency on an image. This can be easier with a Photoshop or similar image editing software but if for any reason we don’t have such application or any other editor available, we can still use Microsoft PowerPoint to […]