Microsoft has been fairly consistent in upgrading the PC editions of Microsoft Office over the years. One can only wonder what took so long to give a proper update to Office for Mac. Better late than never, the latest edition, Office 2016 for Mac is now available.

What’s New in Office 2016 for Mac?

The new edition of Office for mac offers iCloud sync, a revamped UI and at last, support for Retina display to iron out problems associated with the pixelated Office interface on Mac computers. Other features include; Bing support for Word, a ‘Recommended Charts’ feature for Excel and theme variants for PowerPoint. Furthermore, Office 365 subscriptions have now been expanded to incorporate Office 2016. Let’s take a look at what’s new in Office 2016 Mac and whether it’s worth your money to upgrade just yet.


Office 2016 for Mac

Word 2016

Perhaps the most widely used application of Office is Word. Microsoft Word has been a common app for composing all kinds of official and academic documents since more than two decades. Word is simple enough to use and seems to have all the necessary features a user can need. This is perhaps the reason it’s hard to come up with additions that can really stand out.

Microsoft has introduced some meager changes to Word 2016 or Mac, including an improved Ribbon UI, which now comes with better editing, sharing and reviewing tools. The changes have been made in-line with the features that were introduced in Office 2013 for PC. The navigation pane has been improved in the Design tab, replacing Document Map. Moreover, the stylizing options have been slightly amped up.

Perhaps the biggest improvement for Word for Mac has been the Bing support and co-authoring functionality, which enables co-authoring documents real-time.


Word 2016 for Mac

PowerPoint 2016

PowerPoint 2016 for Mac, in-line with PowerPoint 2013 for PC has introduced the new and improved Presenter Mode, which displays the current and next slide, with speaker notes and a time to the presenter; while the audience only see the slide show.

Other new enhancements include; more Transition Effects and a better Animations pane. Moreover, PowerPoint for Mac now comes with enhance co-authoring options, such as comments and visual comparison to identify version conflicts for PowerPoint files.

But not everything is enhanced, as the removal of the option to save videos in Apple’s QuickTime video format seems like a downgrade.


  PowerPoint 2016 for mac

Excel 2016

Unlike Word, Excel 2016 has some more exciting changes to offer, including; Analysis Toolpak support. This is essentially a data analysis wizard set. Other enhancements include better data filter feature in the form of PivotTable Slicers, a Recommended Charts wizard for recommending appropriate chart types for your data, as well as a new and improved Equation Editor and Formula Builder. Moreover, Excel 2016 for Mac also supports print to PDF.

Excel 2016 for Mac

Outlook 2016

Outlook 2016 for Mac has some new features to offer as well, including support for saving archives online, sync for category lists and calendar meetings now come with weather updates. Moreover, emails are now arranged according to threads, with message previews for the first sentence of emails.

Clutter is a another new feature in Outlook 2016 which moves low priority messages to another folder to keep your Inbox clean. You can also propose a new meeting time when you receive invites in Outlook, using the Propose New Time option.

Another good feature that has been introduced in Outlook is the ability to view your calendars side by side. You can view as many as three side by side calendars simultaneously.

Outlook 2016 for Mac

OneNote 2016

OneNote has finally been introduced for Mac users. OneNote is a powerful note taking app which enables you to create digital notebooks and access them on the go. The OneNote search engine can track tags to quickly find your notes, making it convenient to find what you need, when you need it.

Other than text based notes, you can also create notes by inserting files, tables and images. Moreover, OneNote supports OCR (Optical Character Recognition), which enables extracting text from images.

OneNote 2016 for Mac

Office for Mac 2016 Introductory Video