Application of technology in the education sector has enhanced over a period of time; so much so that lesson plans using presentation software have become a common scenario in almost all institutions. Whether it is in the elementary level, higher learning or specialization requirements; these demonstrations have proved worthy, for enriched understanding of any topic.

Let’s have a look at three popular presentation software pertaining to academic application:

PowerPoint Presentation

Most popular and extensively used software; this is easy to create and PowerPoint 2013 with its added features lets you integrate better multimedia, illustrations and even videos. As a teacher, you will be able to summarize the chapter and even insert some interesting information and facts, which if otherwise told to the students might not stay in their memory.


But one needs to remember here that if you fill the slides with text or only images, it will lead to disorientation. Therefore, be careful and do not forget this tool is only your apprentice and not the professional of the situation.

The more familiar you get with this software, more impressive your presentation skills will be.

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Windows Movie Maker

This is a proven fact that videos have a greater impact on your memory than simple audios. With the aid of this exhibition software you can make studies fun as well as utilize your creativity innovatively to add fun and uniqueness to the experience.


The only point you need to pay extra heed is to your editing skills. It is best applied with another presentation technique that complements it. It is also considered an applicable specification for the cognitive development of the kids.

Considering the higher level, students can be encouraged to prepare their own video presentations using this software. Microsoft, known for its user-friendly technology has introduced this presentation program to aid the new users learn this skill with ease. Furthermore, it helps the mentor recognize the level of creativity in the students.


Apple’s Keynote is not simply a corporate presentation software. Use it skillfully and you will be able to create presentations which will be elucidating and interesting too. Moreover, this is an apposite program for those who believe that learning can take place anywhere and anytime. Share these presentations over the iPod, iPad or iPhone and its reaches everyone, whether the reader or the instructor.

The fast advancing tracks of education, demand that you match paces with its velocity, so that the coming generation moves at an even faster momentum.

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