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How to Make Image Transparent in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

In PowerPoint you can make images look transparent by changing the transparency level. Here we will show you how to change the transparency level of your pictures in PowerPoint to make them transparent. What you need to do if you want to make your images transparent is to fill a shape with the image to […]

How to Add a Google Maps Map to PowerPoint Presentation

You can use different approaches to add maps to your presentations but if you are looking for a way to add Google Maps map as a background of your PowerPoint presentations here we will show you a solution. The result we want to achieve is shown below, and as you can see we have placed […]

How to Create a Custom Connector Line using PowerPoint Shapes

If you need to connect shapes using lines in PowerPoint then the connector lines can be very helpful. You can use anchors in shapes to connect lines and this way connect different shapes together. It is important to notice that when you draw lines in PowerPoint you need to bring near the shape anchor points […]

How to Create an Executive Summary using a PowerPoint Template

Executive Summary is also known as management summary and you can use it to introduce your business in a short document. Normally an executive summary summarizes a longer report or proposal so readers can rapidly understand what is behind the project or business. You can create executive summary presentations in PowerPoint to describe what the […]

SlideOnline Plugin for WordPress

SlideOnline introduced the new plugin for WordPress that allows you to embed PowerPoint presentations easily into any WordPress blog. You can download this plugin from the WordPress Plugin Repository or install it directly from the administration panel. SlideOnline Plugin for WordPress lets you embed any presentation publicly available on SlideOnline by using a simple shortcode […]

Exporting All Text from PowerPoint Presentation into a Text File

If you need to export all text from a .PPT PowerPoint presentation to a text file then there are many possible workarounds. One of the solutions that we are showing here involves the use of SlideOnline.com, it is a free service to publish and share PowerPoint presentations online. Scroll down until finding Presentation Slides & […]

How to Change PowerPoint Resolution

If you need to change the slide resolution in PowerPoint 2010 or other versions of PowerPoint, for example to make high quality presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint, then you can change the resolution properties from the PowerPoint Options dialog box. Go to Advanced tab and then look for Image Size and Quality and change the value […]

How Recover an Unsaved PowerPoint 2010 File

If you need to recover an unsaved PowerPoint presentation from the temp folder then here we will guide you how-to. There are many recovery tools available online that you can download to use for Microsoft Office programs, but PowerPoint also has a possible workaround for files that were unsaved or missed in the temp folder. […]

How to Download Template for PowerPoint

If you need to prepare PowerPoint presentations for business, classroom or any other presentation need then you can download free templates for Microsoft PowerPoint from this website. Slide Hunter has thousands of free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds that you can use for your presentations. You can browse the free collection of PowerPoint templates to find […]

Share PowerPoint Presentations Online with SlideOnline.com

If you need to share your presentations online then SlideOnline.com can be very useful. SlideOnline.com is a free service where you can upload PowerPoint (.PPT) and PDF presentations to be shared online or embedded into blogs or websites. The first time you access SlideOnline you can create a free account and then start uploading your […]

How to Draw Curved Lines in PowerPoint 2010

If you need to design or draw┬ácurvy lines in PowerPoint for your next presentation then here we will show you how to draw these curved lines for your slides. First, we start adding a rectangle into the slide. You can use the rectangle shape in PowerPoint 2010 and insert it from the Insert menu. Click […]

Reusing Slides in PowerPoint 2010

If you plan to reuse slides for your PowerPoint presentations then you will find interesting to learn more about the Slide Library. You can share and reuse individual PowerPoint slides by storing them in a Slide Library. A Slide Library is hosted on a server running Office SharePoint Server 2007 or Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. […]