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How to Create SmartArt Animation in PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint 2010 allows you to easily and quickly animate any object in your presentation. Objects include images, charts, shapes, text, and SmartArt. Animations may also contain sounds. The following directions will explain how to use the animations that are built into PowerPoint and you can animate each part of the diagram or graphic to make it […]

How to Zoom In and Out in PowerPoint 2010

Microsoft PowerPoint has grow / shrink functionality which can be used to zoom in and out. Enlarge or shrink PowerPoint slides and preserve your eyes. PowerPoint Zoom in and out controls are located in the lower-right corner of the PowerPoint screen and on the View tab. The Zoom box tells you at what percentage you’re […]

Include Dummy Text in PowerPoint Slides

Microsoft PowerPoint makes it simple and easy to include dummy text in presentation, and the newer versions of PowerPoint offers greater choice in the type of fake content user can include. Microsoft introduced an undocumented feature in PowerPoint 2010, user can make dummy test using a couple of built in functions.  Recall these functions and […]

Create a Timeline in PowerPoint using SmartArt Graphics

In this tutorial we will create a simple timeline in PowerPoint using SmartArt. Before start it should be noted that this follows the same format as the flowchart only the date of each part of the chart is the main focus. This means there’s nothing particularly complex to creating your timeline using this method. To […]

How to Make a Gantt Chart in PowerPoint 2010

In this tutorial we will create a quick Gantt Chart in PowerPoint. A Gantt Chart is a horizontal chart that shows project progress over time. They can show weeks, months, or even years. First go to Insert, Chart, and then Bar. The best to use for Gantt Charts are 2-D bars or 3-D cones, we’ll […]

Know How Many Slides are using a Layout in PowerPoint 2010

The slides of PowerPoint presentation contain the information you want to communicate with your audience. This information can include text, pictures, charts, shape, video, sound, and more. To know how many slides are using a specific layout in PowerPoint presentation, use this simple PowerPoint tip. Launch PowerPoint 2010 and click ‘view’ menu and switch to […]

Wrap Text Around and Image in PowerPoint 2010

Although numerous tutorials recommend that too much text on a single slide is not a good idea and less text with only key points is the golden line. But it’s not necessary that PowerPoint with much text is absolutely worse. At times large paragraph of text is required when it is analysts cited from others’ […]

Edit a PowerPoint Presentation in Two Windows

PowerPoint allows opening the same document in two windows. This feature let you open a new window containing the information of first presentation file. In order to use this feature, open ‘View’ from menu on top and then go to ‘New Windows’ button. This is a very powerful and interesting feature that enables users to […]

Create Table of Content in PowerPoint Presentation

If you have number of pages of content in Microsoft PowerPoint, you will wish to insert a table of contents. If made correctly, the table of contents page will list all the pages or sections, according to your requirements in your PowerPoint presentation. This gives your audience an idea of what the presentation is all […]

Create Text Columns in PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint provides users complete control over their presentation’s look, from the way slides appear on the screen to how pictures and blocks of text flow. One approach to generate an impact with text on a slide is to manipulate how it fills a column. Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 can let you change a long list of […]

Create a Photo Album in PowerPoint

In this quick tutorial, we will make a photo album in PowerPoint. Making a photo album is very simple and straight forward. To start, it’s suggested that you have pictures ready. First, we’ll go the Insert Tab where we can find Photo Album under the Images section. Next, click on Photo Album to open the […]

Merge Two Presentation Files in PowerPoint 2010

You can create an eye-catching presentation with two different power point presentation files, instantly merge them using built-in tools of MS PowerPoint. The end result will be a single seamless PowerPoint file with the slides from the second presentation integrated with your first presentation’s slides. Open the PowerPoint presentation into which you wish to merge […]